Thursday, October 18th  8 AM – 6 PM

Sunday, October  28th, 1 - 5 PM

This is a special peaceful prayer time that has been given to our church to pray to save the life of the next generation.


The crisis of abortion is enormous.  A tragedy of epidemic proportions” About a Million Abortions in America Every Year (over 40 million worldwide).

Action:  Sign up on this page for 1 hour of prayer at the location so we can come together as a group.


Location: All Women's Health Center-4131 Central Ave Saint Petersburg, FL 33713 (This location is not open during our prayer time)











Parking on side streets only. People can bring chairs. No signs other than ones provided. 


This time is set aside for our church but there may be other people of other faiths join us.  We do not recommend that you bring young children as the location is near a busy road.


More info:


Event Coordinator: Phyllis Esposito- 727-480-3253



“40 Days for Life is the largest internationally coordinated pro-life mobilization in history”.  Organizing peaceful prayer vigils in every state in the US and 44 countries around the world.


In 2007, 40 Days for Life launched the first ever nationally coordinated 40 Days for Life campaign. In the last 10 years: 13,305 lives have been saved, 156 abortion workers have quit, and 90 abortion centers have closed.