Why baby dedications? Baby dedications are symbolic ceremony undertaken by parents while their children are still babies. It is intended to be a public statement by the parents that they will train their children to love God and seek to instill that faith in them. The congregation often responds through responsive reading or some other method to affirm that they, as a church family, will also seek to encourage the parents to bring up the child in the faith.


The idea of dedicating a child to the Lord can certainly be found in the Bible. Hannah was a barren wife who promised to dedicate her child to God if He would give her a son (1 Samuel 1:11). Luke 2:22 begins the account of Mary and Joseph taking Jesus to the temple after forty days in order to dedicate Him to the Lord.  While baby dedication is not an officially instituted ordinance of the church, there does not seem to be any conflict with Scripture as long as parents do not view it as assuring the salvation of the child.


Does a baby mean salvation for our child? There is no implied salvation in the ceremony but this is a public commitment of parents.