Coffee Team Training


(Whole bean and ground coffee should be located in the
bottom left cabinet directly to the right of the fridge.)

1. Turn the coffee maker on by pressing the yellow ON/OFF button
2. Make sure the coffee grinder has a sufficient amount of whole bean coffee in it (You
can check by lifting the lid on the top, if it’s empty or low - pour another bag of whole
bean coffee in there, or just enough until it’s full)
3. Take the basket from the coffee maker and put a filter in it (located on the top of the
4. Place the basket with a filter under the grinder until secure and then press the button on
the right (it is timed to produce the exact amount of grinds needed for a pot of coffee)
5. Slide basket, with grinds now in it, back into the coffee maker
6. Place an airpot with a St Pete Coffee sticker on it under the coffee basket, line it up so
the pot fills with coffee, then press the green BREW button
7. Once brewing is finished (there is a timer and it will say complete) place the pump in the
airpot, attach the lid, and put out to serve

COLD BREW (Cold Brew concentrate is only good for 2 weeks)
1. Clean out the clear 5 gallon toddy tub
2. Put one of the “filter socks” in it (these are the mesh filters that can wrap around the
outside of the lid of the toddy, usually found hanging on the dry rack)
3. Put one of the extra large paper filters inside the filter sock (these are located in the
second slide out drawer in the center of the coffee counter
4. Pour in half a bag of ground St Pete Coffee then fill the toddy halfway with filtered water
5. Pour the rest of the bag of coffee into the toddy and then fill to almost the top with water -
with a serving spoon, mix the grinds and water around until all coffee is submerged
6. Take one of the small white strings in the second drawer (they should be on top of the
paper filters) and tie off the paper filter then fold that as well as the filter sock into the
toddy and close the lid - leave in fridge to brew for a minimum of 8 hours
7. When brewing is complete, remove the paper filter and dispose of it in the trash, rinse
the mesh filter sock and leave it to dry
8. Fill the glass serving jar halfway with the toddy brew then fill to the top with filtered water

Coffee Cleaning instructions

Hot Brew Airpots
Once you are finished with an airpot:
1. Dump out any excess coffee into the sink
2. Rinse really well with hot water
3. Leave on a dry rack to dry


If the airpots seem pretty grimy, reach out to the ministry lead, Amber McCuistion, and she can
contact St. Pete Coffee Co. who will come out and do an official maintenance and cleaning of
the machine and airpots.

Cold Brew Equipment

Once the 5 gallon toddy is empty:
1. Rinse out any excess coffee
2. Clean the toddy out with soap and water
3. Leave on the dry rack to dry
4. Re-use as needed

Once the glass server is empty:
1. Rinse out any excess coffee
2. Clean out the server with soap and water
3. Leave on the dry rack to dry
4. Re-use for the following Sunday but following the cold brew instructions


Coffee Team Lead