Sunday May 3rd

We are having a Drive in Church Service! 

The mangement of the Karol hotel has given us permission to hold a live service in their parking lot. This is a special event where you can worship in or around your car. We want to fellowship, and worship together while practicing social distancing. 

We are doing everything we can to make this a safe yet fun event. We are coordinating with the local Sheriff to make sure we are following all of the CDC and Stay at Home Order guidelines. 

If you are high risk, or immunocompromised than we do ask that you stay home. Please be safe and join us online! We will be live streaming the service. 

Service will be at 10AM, we will start letting people in at 9:15AM. 

Some guidelines for the event:

· Please follow social distancing guidelines. CDC mandates we keep at least six feet away from people who are not our immediate family. So please either stay in your car or your assigned seating space for the duration of the event. An usher or safety team member will let you know when and how to leave your area. If you need to leave early please alert an usher or safety team member and they will help you exit.


· We will be providing you with prepackaged communion elements. These have been sanitized before use, and all volunteer interaction with them was done with gloves. You are welcome to decline them if you are not comfortable using them. If you do take them we ask that you take the trash with you as we do not have trash here on site and want to leave this space cleaner than we found it.

· We do not have access to bathroom facilities for this event. 

· We are not collecting an offering at this event, if you would like to support Feather Sound Church you can give online at

· Please listen to any and all instructions from ushers and safety team members. Our volunteers have been instructed with the guidelines we need to follow in order to hold this event and we appreciate your cooperation. 


Q: Where exactly will it be held? 

A: 2675 Ulmerton Rd, Clearwater, FL 33762 is the address of the hotel. We will be in the large parking lot on the west side of the hotel. 

Q: Can I bring my kids?

A: You are welcome to bring the whole family. We are providing activity sheets for kids, but do ask that you make sure you practice social distancing. 

Q:What should I bring? 

A: Your bible, something to take notes, some snacks and water. If you would like you can bring a lawn chair and sit outside by your car. Note due to the nature of this event there are no bathrooms available. 

Q: What if it rains? 

A: If it rains stay home. We will have our usual live stream service from the church. 

Q: Can I bring my offering to this event? 

A: We are not collecting offerings at this event. You can give to FSC via mail or on our website:

Q: How can I help? 

A: If you would like to volunteer for this event please contact