A FREE Five Day Training Seminar for Healing Hearts and Restoring Marriages

April 29-May 3


Feather Sound Church Fellowship Hall

This unique seminar looks at the root, rather than just the fruit, of relationship problems that we can encounter in our adult lives. It traces our relational problems back to the heart – the place God designed in each of us to give and receive love. If our hearts were damaged early in our lives by pain and sin then we will build walls around our heart to protect ourselves from being hurt again. The end result is that we struggle in our adult relationships, particularly in marriage, because we cannot give and receive love as God designed us to.  

This seminar, drawn from the pages of Scripture, will take us step by step through understanding the issues that can lock our heart, how itis manifests in marriage relationships, how we can identify our heart problems, and finally how Christ can bring lasting healing and freedom to our hearts. The Bible uses the term “heart” hundreds of times throughout the Old and New Testament. Jesus said the heart is the ultimate cause of our relational and marriage problems, “Moses permitted you to divorce because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning.” (Matthew 19:8). He also said that from

This five day seminar will help you learn how to use listening, compassion, prayer and God’s Word to help others find freedom and peace in their hearts. As people’s hearts are transformed they will experience restored love and intimacy in their marriages and other vital relationships.

Some of the Seminar Topics that will be covered:

Why the Heart is the Heart of All Relationships
How Pain and Sin can Damage our Hearts
Writing Your Heart’s Autobiography
Who Damaged your Heart? 
What is your Core Emotional Pain?
Forgiving Those
who Hurt You (Including Yourself)
Drawing a Roadmap for Listening Prayer

A seminar notebook with almost 40 pages of material will be provided along with a worksheet packet of some 20 charts and diagrams to assist you in helping others find healing for their hearts.