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Fall 2022


Preschool (Ages: 0-4) Periods 1,2,3 Teachers: Sharon McCay, Rose Quezon, Ashley Korb 

Children will have the opportunity to play outside, read books, do alphabet and number activities, sing, and do crafts.


Fun with Books (Grade: K-1) Teacher: Autumn Shultz Supply fee: $15 

Join us for fun exploring with books this semester! We will be using books to learn about God, creation, and so much more. 

World Geography (Grades 1-3) Teacher: Pamela Trunk Supply fee: $13 

Come explore the geography of the world! Each week we will highlight a new region of the world, and bring it to life through books and short videos. Children will learn to locate key countries, continents, geographical features, and oceans on the world map and by the end of the semester they will be able to draw a rough world map from memory (blobbing!) There will be an emphasis on geography memory work and review. 


Middle Ages History- Elementary (Grades 3-5) Teacher: Erica Coleman Supply fee: $20 

Students will learn about the Middle Ages from the Fall of Rome to the Scientific Revolution. Each week will cover 1-2 timeline events from that period, a medieval story and showcase artwork from the Middle Ages. Students will construct a project at the end of the semester to display at the Winter Fair. 

Students fourth grade and above will be required to read from Story of the World Volume 2 each week at home. There will also be a recommended booklist. 

Book Club (Grades 5-7) Teacher: Dora Scott Supply fee: $10 

Students will have the opportunity to read through two books in this class: Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls and Treasures of the Snow by Patricia St John. Each week students will read assigned chapters at home and they will come to class on Fridays ready to discuss and participate in class activities related to the story. Some of these will be hands-on activities. 

Besides the reading assignment, there may be other small homework assignments related to the books we are reading such as answering questions or learning vocabulary words. 

Lost Tools of Writing (Grades 6-8) Teacher: Stacy Shore Supply fee: $10 

This class will introduce students to persuasive essay writing, teaching them to decide on a point to communicate. LTW will help students develop good thinking habits, improve decision-making skills, and to continue to grow in communicating respectfully with those that

agree with them and those who don't. We will have lively discussions each week based on the reading and writing assignments that have been completed at home, and each week in class your student will be equipped with a new component of the persuasive essay model. 

Students will read four novels over the course of this class which they will need to purchase or obtain from the library. They will also need to purchase the Lost Tools of Writing Student Book Level 1 ($39). 




Music and Movement (Grades K-2) Teacher: Rachel Coleman Supply fee: $10 

Come learn some basics about music and be ready to move, A LOT! Students will learn how to recognize some musical notes, perform some musical tasks and work together with group games. Most importantly we will praise the Lord in song. 

Elementary Art (Grades 1-3) Teacher: Sara Smith Supply fee: $10 

In this class we will have fun exploring different art mediums from watercolor to acrylics to charcoal and even mosaics! We will also spend time learning about various artists and creative styles. 

Weather and Water Science (Grades 3-6) Teacher: Pamela Trunk Supply fee: $17 

Lightning, thunder, tornados, and hurricanes! If you think weather is fascinating, this is the class for you. Students will become weather experts as they learn about what weather is, how to predict it, what causes it and God’s design of the oceans and its effect on weather. There will be plenty of demonstrations, hands-on learning, and in-class projects. 

The textbook “God’s Design for Weather and Water” from Answers in Genesis to cover topics. Students are welcome to read the corresponding chapters during the week, but it is not required. Occasionally students will need to finish a notebook assignment or a project from class, but otherwise there is no homework. 


Middle Ages History- Middle School (Grades 6-8) Teacher: Jessica Eberhard Supply Fee: $0 

The Middle Ages were the bridge between our Ancient and Modern world. During this time, the world first became a global community, with the riches, wonder,and wisdom of the East making its way across the silk roads into Europe, where, recovering from the collapse of Rome, new civilizations were forming. The Middle Ages were the nursery where our modern conceptions of math, science, engineering, astronomy, economy, geography, and literature first began to flourish, and where people first began to reach out and understand the shape of our globe, our solar system, and our relationship to eternity. In this class, we will explore these wondrous times of human development, as world travelers along the silk road, stopping at all

the major centers of trade and discovery: from Teotihuacan and Cordoba in the West, to Timbuktu in the South, to Baghdad, Manyakheta and Hengzhou in in the East. As a middle school class, we will focus on learning how to take lecture notes, do independent research, how to summarize and share research, and how to organize large bodies of information into concise formats that will help us review and retain that information in the future. We will also practice tracing the evolution of ideas and inventions from the past into the present. 

There is no supply fee but there will be a book list provided that students will need to purchase or obtain from the library. 


Weather Wonders (Grades K-1) Teacher: Rachel Coleman Supply fee: $15 

Do you love weather? I do!!! Students will learn about weather cycles, do crafts about weather and learn weather safety. We will also learn about weather to look out for in different parts of our country and around the world. How great is our Creator?!!!! 

The supply fee will cover materials for visuals and crafts. 

Birds: Nature Study Teacher: Sharon McCay Supply fee: $5 

Explore the fascinating world of birds! Students will read from the Burgess Book of Birds each week and come to class ready to learn more about the birds they read about. Students will create a bird journal and play games to reinforce what they have learned. 

Students will need to listen to or read from the Burgess Book of Birds each week, which they will need to purchase (or they can listen to for free on Librivox). They will also need to bring a nature journal. 


IEW Writing (Grades 4-6) Teacher: Stacy Shore Supply fee: $10 

In this beginning IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) class, students will start developing their composition skills with simple outlines, oral presentations, and word play. We will progress to turning those outlines into paragraphs and playing with words in new ways, like digging for synonyms, making fun alliterations, and other fancy writing things! Included in this class are composing skills and vocabulary acquisition. Formal teaching of grammar and punctuation ain't included. Weekly homework will include writing assignments and vocabulary study. 

Students will need to purchase IEW's All Things Fun and Fascinating: Writing Lessons in Structure and Style Student Book for this class. 


Drama and Theater Design (Grades 4 and up) Teacher: Erica Coleman Supply fee: $20 

Theater encompasses multiple forms of art and design: writing, painting, dance, music, sewing, construction, lights, sound, hair, makeup, and, oh yes, acting! It is truly a collaborative

art and much more than what happens “on stage.” This class will work on creative, engaging, challenging, and fun drama projects that will immerse students into the collaborative art of theater. The projects can easily accommodate a variety of skill levels, from beginner to the more experienced student. Projects will include: scene work, acting techniques, story & character analysis, production & publicity, design, and technical elements such as lighting, sound, sets, and costumes. 

Class time will be spent developing and practicing scenes, designing sets, sewing costumes, producing a playbill, marketing our event, working on sound, and preparing to perform at our Winter Fair. Performing as an actor or actress in these full-length productions is NOT required; however, assisting in some way (such as working as part of the stage crew, helping to build/paint sets, sewing costumes, doing hair/makeup, or collaborating on some other aspect of the show) IS required. The class will collaborate on a final class project to be performed in December. 

The supply fee will cover props and copies of the play but costumes and materials will be gathered/bought/created/ designed at home by students.

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To be a purposeful Christian community, encouraging one another towards moral, intellectual and spiritual excellence in order to glorify God and be His servants of light in a dark world.


Feather Sound Church

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Homeschool Coop


To be a purposeful Christian community, encouraging one another towards moral, intellectual and spiritual excellence in order to glorify God and be His servants of light in a dark world.


Feather Sound Church

13880 Feather Sound Drive

Clearwater, FL 33762