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Our homeschool co-op will start at 9 am. We will begin with a chapel time, and then your child will be dismissed into age specific groups where they will partake in three different classes. Afterwards we will have lunch together, and on occasion there will 

be optional afternoon activities such as nature walks, service projects, or sports activities.


Chapel starts promptly at 9:00am. We encourage families to arrive at 8:45, so that you have time to check in and come to chapel in the main auditorium. Please make necessary adjustments to your schedule such as making lunch and packing backpacks early. We all understand how it is with small children, so plan accordingly. 


During lunchtime, families will have the option of eating outdoors or indoors. There are tables near the kitchen to serve your family and a microwave and refrigerator will be available. Outside there is a gated playground with shaded lunch tables for families with young children, and a small field to play and a basketball hoop in front of the church for older students. 

All parents are responsible for watching their children at all times. If some older students would like to play a game outside, please make sure there is an assigned parental chaperone for your student. Older students found running around the church unsupervised could result in damages, and we would like to keep our relationship with Feather Sound Church in good standing. 



Every parent will be given a role while on our campus. There will be teachers, teacher assistants, hall supervisors, and someone to help with check-in. Servant leadership is the heart of our campus. 

We are aware that it may be necessary for you to make a phone call or send a text while volunteering. We ask, however, that you please keep this at a minimum, particularly if you are in a classroom. This will encourage bonding and communication between families. We only have such a short time together. 



We believe that modeling 100% parent involvement during the beginning stages of the co-op will encourage maturation and fruitfulness in our community. As our co op grows, we will not need as many helpers in our rooms, and we will reconsider the option of parents dropping off their students. 



Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. Ephesians 4:29 

“If another member of the church sins against you, go and point out the fault when the two of you are alone. If the member listens to you, you have regained that one. Matthew 18:27 

Our co-op is made of children of various ages. We desire for our students to understand the importance and value of one another. As parents, we also want to model good Christian friendships by making sure to be kind with our words, be respectful, and to avoid gossip. 

We don’t expect perfect behavior but we can all be striving to imitate Christ in what we say and how we act toward one another. 

Code of Conduct 

1. Be respectful toward your teacher and fellow students 

2. Listen quietly while others are speaking 

3. Be considerate of other people’s belongings and of the church 4. Walk quietly through the hallways 

5. Keep your hands to yourself 

6. Be responsible with your homework and assignments 

7. Accept responsibility for your behavior 

8. Keep your area clean after each class and lunch 

9. Use words that are honoring to the Lord and those around you CHILD CARE 

Each parent will be expected to serve in our child care area for little ones a minimum of one hour 3 - 4 times a semester. This will cover the cost of child care, and it will serve as a way for our little ones to get to know our co-op family! There is a playground area outside and a beautiful toy room downstairs for our little ones to enjoy. 


Due to the nature of our times, please be very respectful by not bringing any sick children to co-op. We trust you, as the parent of your child, with the ability to rightly discern the difference between “just the sniffles” or sickness. 


Tuition: Tuition is $130.00 per student per semester. If you have more than two

children, tuition will be 50% off after the second child.

Funds will go to our teachers for their preparation time outside of class, event preparations, internet site communications, and any printing or administrative fees. Also included in your tuition is money set aside to bless Feather Sound Church for expenses incurred by our co-op such as bathroom supplies, air-conditioning, etc. 

There is no registration fee, but half of the tuition is due by Friday June 4th and the rest of the tuition and will be due by our first class, September 10th, 2021. This money is non-refundable. 

Supply Fee: Supply fees are an additional cost and will be determined by your child’s teacher. Supply fees will be due by August 1st. You can expect each class to have a supply fee between $5-30.  

Homeschool Coop


To be a purposeful Christian community, encouraging one another towards moral, intellectual and spiritual excellence in order to glorify God and be His servants of light in a dark world.


Feather Sound Church

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