Our mission at Iron Sharpens Iron Fitness is to serve others through our passion for Jesus and combining it with fitness. We desire to bring awareness for health in the physical body, mind and spiritual growth towards Christ. 


What the day will look like:

Setup: 7am

Times: 8am and 10am 

Date: November 21, 2020

Location: Feather Sound Church 

Devotional for the day: Overcoming temptation (15min) 

Workout duration: 45min

3 stations, with 4 workouts, each station will have 3-4 individuals

Maximum capacity for whole workout session: 12 challengers in total

Clean/sanitize used equipment in between circuits.

Cool down/stretch: 5min.

How the outdoor bootcamp will run:

There will be three stations, station 1, 2, 3. Each person will be designated to a certain station, and will complete one whole circuit in that station prior to moving to the next station. Each circuit comprises of three rounds. Each round will complete four exercises. After completing the station, all used equipment will be thoroughly wiped down and sanitized. Water break 1min. 


For example:

STATION 1, Circuit 1 x3

Exercise A 

Exercise B 

Exercise C 

Exercise D 

(After each circuit, challengers will sanitize equipment for the next group, have a water break, then rotate to next station.)

Everyone will have the ability to complete all three circuits. 


How to sign up:

Mical Baez through Facebook Messenger or text (813) 370-9522


For Covid-19 precautions: Challengers who have their own yoga mat or dumbbells are encouraged to bring them if they would like to, otherwise we will provide the equipment. Hand sanitizers and towels to wipe equipment will be provided.

A 5-gallon water jug will be provided for challenger’s hydration, challengers are encouraged to bring their own water bottles.