Love…Unity…Truth…these words have clear Biblical meaning, but how does the “world” describe them? The problem with lies is they don’t always sound like lies. They can seem harmless and can even sound right. 


Join Jessica Carroll as she presents the book Mama Bear Apologetics. Together the class will dig into cultural lies that you’ve likely heard, and help you identify some that you might not recognize. This information will allow you to equip the children in your life to recognize these lies and respond biblically.


WHEN: Sunday's starting on September 18th 


TIME: 9am - 10:15am

(Please plan on attending 11 am service)


LOCATION: FSC Upstairs Classroom

Note - While this book is directed specifically toward mothers, we welcome any women from FSC to join us!  However, it should be noted that many examples and questions are geared towards mothers to help them raise critical thinkers.