When: Starting 1/3/21 Sundays mornings during 9AM service in the fellowship hall

Leaders: Bob Moeller

What:  Solve the Root Problems in Marriage

and the Fruit Problems Will Take Care of Themselves. Much time and effort is often expended trying to solve the fruit problems in marriage such as dealing with conflict, improving communication or resolving personality
differences. Yet often very little seems to change.
That’s because the real solution may lie in identifying root problems found in our hearts,
such as identifying and resolving pain issues from the past as well sin issues that need to be confessed and forgiven.

Join us on Sunday mornings for this unique biblical four-part series for married couples
that may help you understand issues in marriage from a totally different perspective.
Those issues include why the heart is the heart of all relationships, identifying our core
pain, writing our spiritual and emotional biography, and letting God bring healing love
into our lives and marriage.

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