What to Expect

At a typical Sunday morning church service,
 you can expect:


  • Christ-centered, Bible-based teaching

  • An authentic live band leading the worship time

  • Services that last approximately an hour and 15 minutes

  • A casual atmosphere where friendships form easily

  • Loving care and a fun atmosphere for your kids


Frequently Asked Questions:


What time do church services start?

  • Sunday morning church services start at 9am and 11am In order to enjoy fellowship and coffee before the service begins, plan to arrive about 20 minutes early and visit our WELCOME CENTER.  If you would desire a tour, you can ask for one at this time.


What should I wear?

  • People at Feather Sound Church sport a wide range of dress, from shorts and jeans to "Sunday best". You'll fit in no matter what! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and able to engage your heart in genuine worship.


Where should my children go?

  •  We provide childcare for nursery(3 month-2 years) and elementary(7-12 years old) children on the 1st floor of the Fellowship Hall.  Toddler and preschool children on the 2nd floor above the Fellowship Hall. Use this map to locate those areas, or ask any member of the Feather Sound Greeting Team for directions when you arrive.


How can I care for my newborn during services?


How can I receive more information about Feather Sound Church ministries and upcoming events?

  • Sign up for our weekly E-bulletin on this page


How can I connect with someone right away to help me when I arrive? 

  • If you need assistance in the parking lot you can ask one of our parking greeters.  When you come into our lobby area, please visit our WELCOME CENTER located at the blue wall we as have a welcome gift for you. We can also connect you with someone who can assist you.

Feels like home and family after just two visits. You can feel God in this place waiting to welcome you!
-Debby Carrier


This is a great new home for our family. Solid verse by verse teaching.
We are excited to be a part of this new adventure.

Matt Russell


My husband and I attended service at Feather Sound Church this morning for the first time. It will not be the last time! The people are warm and friendly. The building is beautiful and filled with the peace that comes only from the Lord. The message was wonderful, instructive, easy-to-understand, timely, and thought-provoking. The music was uplifting and joyous. I fought tears as I sang along to a song we had sung on a mission trip several years ago. Thank you Pastor Art, for the great job you are doing in the service of our Heavenly Father.

-Mary Olsen


It was an amazing message and I just can't believe the changes the church has made. It really feels like "home". Wonderful people, comfortable surroundings, coffee and doughnuts, and truly the message the pastor teaches, sticks with you all week long and leaves you wanting more!

-Nicole Hunter


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Feather Sound Church
Feather Sound Church