Perspectives is a 15-week course for people who want a fresh understanding of God’s heart for the nations and who want to live out a missional lifestyle engaged in the Great Commission.  Perspectives challenges Christians to live out their faith in the five key elements of: Going, Sending, Welcoming, Mobilizing, and Praying for the nations.  Perspectives covers four areas of missional study: Biblical, Historical, Cultural, and Strategic.  As a student you will enjoy a line-up of experienced & engaging instructors that cover each week's lesson.


Location: Feather Sound Church

13880 Feather Sound Dr.

Clearwater, FL 33762


Sundays: 6:00 pm-9:00 pm

August 25-December 15, 2019 


August 25: Introduction Night: FREE
September 1st - FIRST Class: FREE
September 8th SECOND Class: FREE


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