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Church Reviews Goal: Write a review of Feather Sound Church that would be helpful to someone who has never been to a church and is nervous about attending.



  • Write about what really stands out to you about the church.

  • Make it personal. Share part of your journey. This is a great way to share part of your personal testimony, but keep it brief and upbeat.

  • Use words that everyone understands and can relate to.

  • Feel free to make it fun, use emojis, etc.

  • Write like you are visiting with a person who has never been to a church before.

  •  We love 5 stars!

  • Don’t really worry about perfect grammar and spelling. In fact, if it’s too perfect a review can sound fake.


Example #1 I really enjoy making this my families home church. I find it welcoming, casual and accepting. They fellowship is so uplifting and the messages from the sermons come across as clear and understandable. I find myself not always understanding some of the passages from the bible. And I think the pastor lays it out in an way that helps me hear Gods message. It's a great place and my family enjoys it.


Example #2 The teaching is outstanding and keeps your interest throughout the entire message. My kids talk about wanting to come back the next week before they are even out of the door. I highly recommend this church it is very welcoming for everyone. AWESOME!!!


Example #3 (Teenager) WOW! This church is the bomb! They've got an intense amount of love, life, and energy to give, and it has literally changed my life. I got baptized here and I know my entire life is changing for the better thanks to this place... I can't wait to see where God takes this church, its leaders, myself, and my family. Praise Jesus!!


Example #4 I was skeptical of church, but within minutes of being there it had completely won me and my family over. There is excitement and love and LIFE just buzzing here. The community is engaging and FUN and the messages are relevant and real and meet us as a society and community where we are today. You aren't sitting in your chair wondering "what does that really mean" or "how does that apply to my life", you are hearing messages that make you think "yes, that is me" "yes, I relate". It is motivating and empowering and exciting to be part of this amazing ministry! If you have never set foot in a church---I think it is safe to say you have not a single thing to lose and literally everything to gain by giving it a try :)


Example #5 This is the first church I've gone to in over 15 years where I felt as if they are genuinely happy to see me. Folks make a point to say hi to you and the service is uplifting. I overslept one week and I didn't make it to service and the week was just not as upbeat as it is when I do get to service. This is a church that you can honestly call home.

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