Feather Sound Church
Art Dykstra
Lead Pastor

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest of Canada, I formed my ideas about God in a church following legalistic ideology. The emphasis of their ministry appeared to me to be on a stern God who was distant.

After leaving that church in my teen years, I discovered a relationship with Jesus in a wonderful, Gospel-teaching church. However, I continued to struggle, as I was living a lifestyle of compromise between worldly behavior and obedience to God. During that time, the Lord convicted my heart that a "luke-warm, fence-sitting Christian" was in danger of being spat out of his mouth (Rev. 3). 


I dedicated my life fully to Christ, and was baptized before leaving home for Trinity Western University that fall. During my college years, I discovered the fullness of the Holy Spirit. My life was forever changed as I began to pursue a committed relationship with my Savior. 


In September of 1999, I completed my MBA and moved to Florida to work for a local ministry. I later served as the missions and outreach pastor at Calvary Chapel St. Pete for 14 years.  


During my time in ministry, I have helped lead or organize around 150 missions-related trips and numerous local outreaches. In recent years, I have participated in translating the Bible to the Kaqchikel (Guatemalan) and Central Tibetan languages. In 2011, the team renovated a 120-year-old coffee plantation in Guatemala, transforming it into a center for discipleship, children's programs, Bible education and church gatherings. 

During my down time, I love spending time with my wife, Robin, and our boys Jericho and Edison. Being a Canadian/American, I also enjoy playing ice and street hockey.                  


feather sound church
Wes Baird
Director of Operations &
Kids Coordinator 

I am a second-generation Floridian, and had the privilege of being raised in a Christian home. I was always familiar with the Lord, but it was not until I was 11 that I publicly gave my life to Christ. Since then, my walk with God has been an amazing journey that has shaped me into the man I am today.

After feeling called to serve God in the ministry as I finished high school, I attended Clearwater Christian College, and graduated with a BA in pastoral studies in 2012. During my summer breaks, I interned with Pastor Art Dykstra at Calvary Chapel St. Pete. My experiences there shaped how I approach ministry, as well as my spiritual life in general.


After graduating from college, I married my beautiful wife, Jamie, who is a source of constant encouragement and blessing in my life.


In 2013, I began serving, and eventually joined the staff at Calvary Chapel South Tampa as an administrator and elder. For three and a half years there, I oversaw various ministries, such as the kids', safety, media and greeting ministries.


I am greatly passionate about my current job as the kids ministry coordinator at Feather Sound Church. I am excited to watch this ministry grow and continue to be a place that teaches and builds up the next generation of believers. I am also excited to be a part of this family of believers, and my wife and I look forward to raising our family in this community.

When not serving at the church, I love spending time with my wife and our two sons, and playing disc golf. 

Tony DeFranco

Kyersti and I have a young son, Nick, and a dog, Russell. We have been serving at Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia for 10+ years.  I started out at as an audio/video tech but soon stepped into a studio production role where I began developing all kinds of media content for the church, including videos, social media graphics and posts, as well as audio podcasts. I soon began teaching Bible for the High School. I have been able to expound the Word in our young adults meetings, youth group gatherings, and even our “older” Tuesday morning Bible study crowd. The gift of teaching and the call to pastor people is what the Lord has burdened me for, and affirmed through the growing ministry opportunities here in Philly. In particular I’ve had a burden to pastor young adults, those navigating their twenties in this post-everything culture.  I look forward to what God has in store for those gifts and burdens as we step into the next chapter of His calling. I have also been playing the drums since I was 3 years old.  Kyersti is a stay at home mom and has an incredible gift of hospitality. We love having her at home being present with our son and creating an atmosphere that welcomes discussions over dinner with skeptics, discipleship for those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, and hospitality to anyone who just needs a good meal with a couple of listening ears. 


My wife and I share the same heart, to love and disciple people. We have a passion and calling as a family to serve others in word and deed. In February of 2020 the Lord began stirring us for something new through challenging us very directly with Luke 14v25-35. We didn’t know exactly what that meant for us so we began praying for direction, a labor that lasted almost 14 months. When the opportunity came to us from Feather Sound Church we knew it was the Lord giving us the direction we had prayed and fasted for. We have been in awe of how the Lord orchestrated everything the last 14 months.