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Fall Grow Groups will begin meeting the week of October 17th.  Please complete this form and choose a first and second choice group.  We will do everything we can to accommodate your first choice but some of our host homes have group size limitations.

1. Single Ladies Grow Group, Led by Rebecca Wilson, Sunday's at 12:30 PM, Grow Room​​. 

2. Feather Sound Area Group, Led by Wilkes Coleman, Monday's at 6pm (Limited to 12)

3. Feather Sound Area Group, Led by Bruce Prestidge, Sunday's at 9am - 4 remaining

4. Young Adults Group, Led by Gabe Graham, Tuesday's at 7pm  FULL

5. Seminole Area Group, Led by Seth Morrin, Thursday's at 6pm (Limited to 4)

6. 55 and up Group, Led by Glen and Janet Walker, Wednesday's at 1pm

7. Kenwood Area, Led by Brandon Shore, Monday's at 6:30 pm, kids welcome!