Ready to take the NEXT STEP?

Join us on a journey as you discover the faith development process at Feather Sound Church in our NEXT STEPS classes.  We were created to move forward in community, helping one another. Each week will be led by someone who is passionate about that week's subject matter in our NEXT STEPS process. Meet new people who have something in common with you. Whether you are new here or seasoned in the faith, everyone is encouraged to join in. Our leaders and table hosts will help you with understanding your options and how to take the next step.

Class #1 - GATHER

Learn why and when we GATHER. Develop a quick way to share your story with someone else. Discover the reasons why we do water immersion baptism.


Class #2 - GROW

Learn about our GROW GROUPS that help you develop spiritually in a smaller environment.  Participate in the power of community.  Develop an easy way to remember how to grow daily.


Class #3 - GO

Now that we have taken steps to know the "why" behind GATHERing and GROWing, it is time to discover how we can GO and make an impact.

Class #4 - JOIN US

We give you the opportunity this week to learn more about Feather Sound Church and how to join us on the mission.

The new 4-week session of Next Step classes will begin the first Sunday of June. 

Classes held in FEBRUARY, JUNE, & OCTOBER.